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August 24, 2016, Wednesday  
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The Common Path Network brings people, organizations, and the message together. It facilitates the use of technology and utilizes the media. The grassroots movement takes shape here -- connecting, dreaming, cross-fertilizing, mobilizing, sharing information, studying, responding, and engaging.

There are already numerous spiritually based people movements; some are small circles of friends, and others larger, consisting of hundreds and even thousands in over 100 countries. These networks of political, business and religious leaders are primed to become part of the "Bold Path to Peace."

The network will be "smart": evolving, enhancing communication, incorporating new learnings, aligning individuals and organizations for greater effectiveness. CPN facilitates the formation and interaction of a variety of groups such as volunteer groups, small study groups, and media deployment teams working to combat misinformation in the media. Another benefit of a mobilized network is the grassroots support for leadership engaged in the Trac5 conflict resolution model.