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August 25, 2016, Thursday  
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The Research Department develops data internal to the organization and will assist externally as requested in areas of engagement. The ability to respond to such requests will enable Trac5 to resource organizations and develop strategies to solve real problems in the areas of health, education, social development, human rights, religious conflict, and more, when requested by partners in need.

Analysis of previous “fifth track” endeavors underscores the need for this critical component. Deployment teams return to their home countries following initial rounds of engagement. Frequently tensions have been eased, conflict averted, and in the best cases peace has been restored. But the host parties are often left with the unresolved real-life problems that triggered the conflict initially. Trac5 is now able to research solutions and offer practical counsel, while still leaving implementation decisions to the host leaders, acting in strict compliance with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations.