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August 26, 2016, Friday  
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Sharing Ramadan is a nationwide effort where non-Muslims can experience a fast-breaking Iftar dinner at the local mosque, thus participating in the most festive and worshipful events of the year for Muslims.  Trac5 believes that one of the best ways to build genuine and lasting friendships is around food.  That is why sharing a meal together during one of the most meaningful times of the year is such an important point of focus for our work.

Coming in December 2011, Trac5 Ambassadors will be facilitating "Sharing Christmas" dinners as well.

Schedule for 2011 Sharing Ramadan Events

Chicago, IL Sunday, August 14
Austin, TX Sunday, August 14
Atlanta, GA Tuesday, August 16
San Ramon, CA Friday, August 19
Houston, TX Friday, August 19
Raleigh, NC Saturday, August 20
Chattanooga, TN Saturday, August 20
Austin, TX Sunday, August 21
Clifton, NJ Sunday, August 21
Dallas, TX Wednesday, August 24
Nashville, TN Thursday, August 25
Millstadt, IL Friday, August 26
Columbia, SC Saturday, August 27
Clifton, NJ Sunday, August 28
Murfreesboro, TN Monday, August 29
Denver, CO Monday, August 29
Spokane, WA Tuesday, August 30


Ramadan is a season of fasting for Muslims worldwide where they abstain from food, drink, and other pleasures during the daylight hours.  It is a time of extreme discipline for the individual where they spend much time in prayer and seek to learn patience, humility and surrender to God.  It occurs during the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, and therefore "floats" each year moving backwards in the standard calendar approximately eleven days.

During this month of fasting, a Muslim typically will wake around 4:00am for prayers, food and water before the sun rises.  Once there is light, no food or drink will touch the lips of the prayerful adherent until the setting sun.  The evening fast-breaking meal, Iftar, takes place after Maghrib (sunset) prayers are complete.  Not only is extra time spent in prayer during this month, but many Muslims have a more intentional focus on reading the Qur'an.  Many will read through the entire Qur'an during this 30 day period.